London is well-known for its nightlife, offering high-quality London theatres, top clubs in the west end, trendy nights out in Shoreditch and lots more.

Looking for a good night out in London? No worries, this guide is for you. To prevent you from getting lost in the sea of bars, clubs and venues, here are some of the best London bars and hotspots to visits and make an unforgettable night.

rumpus room

Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

In an era where offbeat and eccentric have become de rigueur on the London nightlife scene, this authentic old working men’s club supersedes its competitors.

Its originality is top-notch and yet effortlessly cool. It is an East London gem, though a little rough around the edges and lots of tongue-in-cheek humour to soften its rising hip edge.  There is always something strange on offer at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Dance music, open mic, gaming and lots more. The gay nights are especially popular pulling people across London for the best party in town.

Notting Hill Arts Club

At the club, you can return to the area’s edgier roots and have an excellent time to boot. The club offers up-and-coming live bands, open mic and club nights in a damp basement room; this electric arts centre feels originally creative and delightfully folksy. You will experience all sorts of things from Latin to grime, and you will dance till your feet are sore.

The Bussey Building

The Bussey building epitomises the Peckham effect better than anywhere else. Situated in a huge concrete block, this arts centre is the South London nightlife destination. The club offers an excellent mix of music of all stripes, most especially soul and funk, reggae, dancehall and hip-hop. Wildly creative use is made of the rambling space, and you can dance on the rooftop terrace during the summer.

Also, fascinating things there include the vinyl and graphic novel store/cafe on site-oh, the theatre, movies and comedy nights.

Kensington Roof Gardens

Looking for cool bars in London? Try this sky-high joint. The exclusive club is situated just above the street of Kensington where the post and cultured come to see and be seen as they schmooze the night away. In the midst of ladies modelling their latest designer dresses and blazer-clad gents, you will have the feeling of a socialite that night.

Adrenaline runs high as a live percussionist beats his drums in sync with the DJ’s club bangers. The club has over 500 plant species, Spanish fountains, and even flamingos. Also, it is one of the Europe largest rooftop gardens, which provides a swanky oasis for a cigarette session or a midnight chat.

Proud Cabaret City

At Proud Cabaret you will be entertained while you dined. A lively mix of cabaret, jazz and burlesque is performed while you tuck into British menus such as fish and chips and Dover sole. This late night city destination reminds you of a bygone era when ladies smoked a cigarette on a lengthy holder on flapper dress while gents dressed like a member of the mob.

Nightlife in London can be exciting if you know the right places to go. Hence, leverage on this places listed above and you’d wish you tried it sooner.