There are several ways to explore London’s iconic sights: from the top deck of a bus, along the river Thames, on two wheels or merely by trekking.

If you wish to visits London for their vacation or you are a tourist who want to explore the city of London, here are some top tips you should consider.

See London from the river

Most of London’s biggest attractions are situated along the banks of the mighty river, such as the Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament, Tate Modern, Coca London Eye etc. Explore them all on a river cruise, which could likely be the most comfortable and fascinating way to tour London.

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Explore the city on the deck of a bus

You will probably see more from a coach than a tube. So sitting on the top deck of a tour bus is one of the best ways to see London without the risk of getting lost and much more picturesque than going underground. The benefits you tend to derive from the Hop on Hop off Bus tour include an opportunity to go at your own pace, live commentary, free walking and river tour.

Get comfy shoes and Oyster card

While walking might be the best way to explore London, however, it does take a toll on your feet. Make sure to get yourself appropriate footwear. And endeavour to always take your Oyster card or contactless card along with you for short distance journey for buses in London don’t collect cash.

Get self-guided walking tours

Provided you are on a tight budget, or you love exploring on foot, it is advisable you get a self-guide walking tour. Visit Transport for London’s Walk London page for some bright ideas and downloading of tour maps.

Sightseeing at night is fun

The common sightseeing plan is: see as much as you can, then collapse in the evening. Why not see less and save some energy till evening to able to visits those museums and galleries that run special late openings. During this period, they keep their exhibitions beyond their regular opening hours and join in a pop-up bar or special events.

Make booking online

Taking a chance sometimes benefits in London. You turn up at a theatre just before the show begins and get some cheap return tickets. It pays to make your plans if you are on a tight budget or your stay there is for a short period. For example, you will be allowed into several top attractions and often quick entry with a London Pass. Go to, there are lots of tickets offers and discounts you can choose.

Themed tours are great for return visitors

If you have already toured the city of London before and you are looking for something a bit different, a themed trip will be perfect for you. Whatever you are into, you will surely find something delightful, be a Jack The Ripper Ghost Walk, a mouth-watering Eat London Tour or the Wembley Stadium Tour.

If you don’t know how to plan for your next tour in London, you can leverage on the tips above or get ideas on how to make your next trip more fun and exciting.